Goeters wat [kraak]

Goeters Warehouse

Our toys to play with for the day was provided by Goeters … Thank you for allowing us to play around with your gorgeous products!

We had so much fun with this shoot we did for GOETERS! We designed this concept in an industrial environment to keep the focus on the elegance that their vintage furniture and lighting can bring to any area. For creatives it is amazing to work with a company who have the ability to share your vision and execute it accordingly. Thank you Daniela Zondagh for capturing our concept to perfection! 2015-09-11_0004 2015-09-11_0005 2015-09-11_0006 2015-09-11_0007 2015-09-11_0008 2015-09-11_0009 2015-09-11_0010  2015-09-11_0012 2015-09-11_0013 2015-09-11_0014 2015-09-11_0015 2015-09-11_0016 2015-09-11_0017  2015-09-11_0019 2015-09-11_0020

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