Barry & Natalee

Kleinevalleij Function Centre - Featured on Little Pink Book

Getting a couple saying that you can do whatever you like can be quite dangerous… but we LOVE it!!

From the beginning Barry and Natalee were so relaxed about their wedding that we just had one big feast planning their wedding day.  And that is exactly what they got on their wedding… a Feast!  Barry and Natalee blew everyone away with their gorgeous and trendy attire!  Only herbs and garden plants were used to create a very relaxed atmosphere in Festa, Wellington.  This was also one of our first couples who decided to do a FIRST LOOK.  Yolande Marx captured this moment to perfection!!  More fun was awaiting… As Barry wanted to pull a trick on the guests, we decided to welcome all the guests at an empty Kleinevalleij…  Then a group of waiters appeared from the vineyards with more bubbly and lead the people to Festa where a festival bread table was awaiting them with some real café music and craft beer!  Guests enjoyed themselves overlooking the majestic mountains of Wellington when suddenly Barry and Natalee arrived together with music playing loud in the background.  Everyone gathered to where they got out of the car and everyone got the chance to say hello to them first before any formalities started.  We immediately got all the speeches out of the way and when the sun set all 500 candles was lit in the consol jars  hanging above the guests.  Everyone took their seats and the ceremony only started then…  Ever wondered what 500 candles in clear skies surrounded by Wellington’s mountains look like…?  MAGIC!!

Venue: Festa Restaurant – Kleinevalleij Function Centre, Kleinevalleij Wedding & Conference Estate
Dress: Natalee’s Mom
Photographer: Yolande Marx Photography
Hair: Demi-Lee Koen – Natalee’s sister
Make-up: Marilese Bruwer
Flowers: [kraak]
Lights: Goeters
DJ: DJ Rene
Photobooth: Retro Photobooth

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